Poison, Blades, Batty & Sakai headache incorporated

Morgoth 26

A revised Jinteki deck... The idea is to combine Marcus Batty and Hudson. Breakers Bay to sweet the cost of Ashigaru and wall of Thorns... Tori Hanzo to increase the damage level combined with neural Emp and the one from the agendas. Mr Sakai giving flexibility with project junebug and Shi.Kyu. Tried to avoid stuff like Caprice and Celebrity Gift, just to be different...

19 Apr 2016 bracketbot

Unfortunately, Breaker Bay Grid only works with Assets and Upgrades, as ice isn't "in" the server, it is "protecting" the server. It would be far too powerful if you could reduce the cost of ice with it.

19 Apr 2016 thunderfist

Also, Tori Hanz┼Ź doesn't work with Neural EMP as you can't play events during runs.