6-click Whizzard Paige

seurimas 101

Rachel+Adjusted Chronotype+Joshua B+Quianju PT = 6 clicks

Works very well when set up.

21 Apr 2016 Phoenix

That's a lot of set up though!

21 Apr 2016 thunderfist

I like it!

21 Apr 2016 seurimas

@Phoenix It's deceptively smooth usually. Rachel can go down by herself. Adjusted+Qianju as well. Paige helps thin things out and Vigil fills in some draw. As per many Anarch deck, you might swap out Whizzard for Quetzal if you want a little earlier aggression or Val with Blackmail/SOT/Draw filling out the 5 remaining slots.

22 Apr 2016 wozzit

I will give this a try. Wanted to try out Beckman for a while and this looks cool.

24 Apr 2016 michaeln

Crypsis for str4 sentries?

26 Apr 2016 seurimas

@michaeln Crypsis is an emergency breaker and a breaker for early game.