Sunny Day

gar0u 8

Looking for some advice...

22 Apr 2016 Krams

First and most important advice: You can only have one console in play at a time. Packing 6 copies of 4 consoles is a bit over the top. Decide for 1 console and use 2-3 copies of it to find it fast.

22 Apr 2016 Pinkwarrior

@gar0u I agree with @Krams you should really only have 1 console tho if you do want to be abit different and utilize more then the best way to do this would be to use something like Forger and have something that will tag you like Vamp this would allow you an early game console and then later change to something like Security Nexus.

Also the thing you'll find about sunny is that she's quite slow. This is because the cost of her cards and the size of the deck are higher than other runners. If you want her to run well you'll need to put serious effort into making her as quick as you can, cards like Street Peddler can really help their allowing you to trim your deck down whilst making it cheaper.

22 Apr 2016 gar0u

@Krams I am trying to decide which console I want to keep, so I'm playing with a few to see how the deck works with each one if/when they come up in a game. Leaning towards The Toolbox. I tend to try to include too many ideas in my deck builds. Right now, I think the idea is to have high link to avoid traces, strengthen ice breakers, and make money...

22 Apr 2016 gar0u

Thanks for the feedback @Krams and @Pinkwarrior. I appreciate it. Will be modifying the deck and testing it on