Marcus Batty taught me how to off it 2.5

Morgoth 26

The Idea is to have a good Synergy Between Marcus Batty and Hudson 1.0. possibly Tori Hanzo and Valley grid .Marcus Batty is obviously incredibly versatile Amazon Industrial Zone should go with Ashigaru on the R&D or eventually on a central server. Chum into buff up sentries. Valley grid generally on peripheral servers Most of the ice are quite versatile

22 Apr 2016 pang4

Caprice Nisei? No, that's not a thing?

22 Apr 2016 MrAaronSA

I never thought I'd hear someone mention using batty to fire a hudson. I also still don't know why you would.

22 Apr 2016 MrAaronSA

Ah Toshiyuki Sakai, wow that is janky as hell.

22 Apr 2016 Morgoth

toshiyuki in combo with Project Junebung is awesome.... Fantastic bluff Batty activate any of the subroutine like preventing to access only one card at the time :) Caprice is also a great card but I think people expect to see that a lot