Gingerbread Valencia (2nd place San Antonio Regionals)

shazzner 817

This is a Valencia deck with Gingerbread in it; went undefeated in Swiss. Not sure how that happened.

But seriously, going in I had a couple of ice that gave me issues, Assassin and Ichii, being two. Only used it to good effect a few times, namely against a SYNC deck and HB glacier.

Other than that, standard Val deck with one major shoutout to "Freedom Through Equality", having 4 points with a Medium at 3. Blackmail R&D, score a 2-pointer for the win. Blackmail recursion is too good.

This deck didn't have much problems making money, against Harpsichord I was around 48 credits or so. Scrubber plus bad pub actually makes for a better Wizzard, so trashing all the things was definitely do-able.

24 Apr 2016 forktines

I would've loved to have seen the head tilts that happened when you installed Gingerbread out of Anarch. Congratulations on the second place. Dig the Freedom include.

24 Apr 2016 pang4

Did you run into any Komainu or Swordsman issues?

Also, and it has to be asked, how is the IG matchup?

24 Apr 2016 Larro

I think it's probably fine. IHW helps turn off the kill condition until very late, Siphon can help force a Rez of something like Hostile to keep them poor early or else it lands and keeps them poor(ish) early, and you just dig for Medium and hammer R&D. Drawing into Film Critic is obviously also clutch for that matchup.

24 Apr 2016 shazzner

@pang4I ran into exactly one Swordsman, and it was a case of having my Faust get trashed, then reinstalling it from Wyldside draw, and parasiting it. I'm sure there were more out there, but Blackmail does a pretty good job.

I didn't face IG directly, but did see a few asset spam decks. Bad pub plus 1-2 Scrubber makes short work of assets.

26 Apr 2016 JoelVonHelvete

What kind of use did you get from Councilman during the day?

26 Apr 2016 shazzner

@JoelVonHelvete Councilman is needed to derez Ash or other upgrades when I blackmail a scoring server.

26 Apr 2016 JoelVonHelvete

I gotcha but I am curious how many times it was used during the tourney @shazzner