Sunny and Faust

BizTheDad 135

24 Apr 2016 Sappo

This was really, really interesting to see in action, I'm really curious about where it can go with tuning.

25 Apr 2016 michaeln

Multi-Access would be useful, and maybe Adjusted Chronotype to give you back the Globalsec Security Clearance click.

26 Apr 2016 BizTheDad

@Sappo Thanks. Yeah, I'm really interested in tuning it. I'm trying to update this published list but I don't know how. Do I have to simply delete it and post the new one?

@michaeln I don't like relying on multi-access given I have no way to destroy ICE and while Sunny can make serious money she can't make tons of money. However, I did test with Pancakes and that was AWESOME. So, yeah, I'm gonna free up the influence for that for sure.

26 Apr 2016 BizTheDad

I posted a new one with some updates. I also played it last night at my local game store's Netrunner night. It actually did pretty well.