Bollywood NEH - First Place Madison WI Regionals

rubyvr00m 808

This deck carried me to 1st place at the Madison, WI regional at I'm Board, and is basically derived from @CodeMarvelous's Temple NEH deck. It went undefeated through 6 rounds of Swiss and the entirety of the top cut. Bonus points -- you don't have to feel like cancer for playing Bio-Ethics lock IG and for your opponents, the pain is usually over in 15 minutes or so rather than a few centuries of complete agony, but I digress.

I first encountered it at a store champ where another Chicago area player @AkAnderson? seriously wrecked me with it, and I was playing Whizzard who seems like the obvious counter. Wrong.

This deck is simply overwhelming. The 3 Whizzard credits are not enough to keep it down. The players who try to trash everything usually end up crashing their economy before they can get enough meaningful accesses to win the game and they players who don't trash everything will usually lose because you start rezzing everything at 4-6 credit discounts thanks to an army of Mumba Temples.

Team Sponsorship is the bread and butter of the deck. I can see why some players opt for an agenda suite with more 2/1 agendas to fire them more frequently, however in my experience Turntable has gotten a bit too ubiquitous for me to want to increase the agenda density as well as the likelihood of not only losing an Astro token, but also a point. If you don't see a lot of Whizzard or Turntable anarchs, you could consider Running 3 Astro 3 Beale 2 NAPD 3 BN and 1 15 Minutes.

The other changes from Code Marvelous's deck are basically cutting the DBS for Sensie Actors Union, which while easier to trash, is completely ridiculous when it fires even once in a game and will typically bottom a GFI or a Beale to make it that much harder for your opponent to win on R&D accesses.

Important side note, if you're going to play a deck like this out of NEH or even Gagarin or something -- 2 Hostile Infrastructure is mandatory! They single-handedly won me a game before making the cut by preventing an Apocalypse from @LSK.

24 Apr 2016 AkAnderson

Congrats on your win! I'm not in the Chicago meta but coincidentally I did get third place with a very similar deck last weekend at the Utah Regional. You're not the first person to link me with Chicago, so either I have an imposter or I'm impersonating someone else.

24 Apr 2016 rubyvr00m

Oops, my mistake. We have a player named Alec and I connected you because of similar names haha.

25 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@rubyvr00m Thanks for the shout out man and congrats on the win.

25 Apr 2016 Aesynil

<=== Is Alec. Glad to hear the deck served you well. Congrats on the win!

AkAnderson - You do have a doppleganger :P Hello!

25 Apr 2016 rubyvr00m

@CodeMarvelous Couldn't have done it without you! I have watched every episode of Deckbuilding Derezzed and Dirty Laundry and they helped me tremendously on my quest to become a more competitive player. Thanks for all the effort you put into content creation, you help make the community great!

25 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@rubyvr00m Thanks for watching, that makes me feel good that I was able to help you.

25 Apr 2016 rubyvr00m

@Aesynil Sorry for crediting the wrong guy! It sounds like its a common mixup. I'm also super bummed you got lawyered out of the top cut at the tournament, I was kind of hoping to give you a taste of your own medicine with that NEH asset spam :P.

@CodeMarvelous The pleasure has been all mine! I hope you keep creating content, your channel is among the best!

2 May 2016 kollapse

Do you have enough credits to rez ICE/SanSan/score if the Turtlebacks are not showing up? Only two Diversified seems on the very low end of econ in a deck like this (comparing to other Mumba NEH decks).