Foundry Last Chance

bcavalier 258

So I've been trying to make Foundry work for a while.

This is my last shot.

The initial goal was to be psudo glacier, though not the ICE numbers a traditional glacier has, Foundry gives you free ICE tutoring, especially with an EBC on the table. The first version actually had Grail in it as well, and was much more breaker trashing. That didn't work so well.

Initially this deck had Batty, then I realized I'm absurdly bad at psi games ... like statistically aberrantly bad at psi games. I also realized that trying to setup Batty/Gold was just my inner Jonny trying to pull crazy jank. I think Foundry has a place in the competitive meta, just haven't found the right set of cards for it.

EBCis AMAZING in Foundry, letting you rez low cost ICE at a significant discount, proc your ID, and tutor Mills and Jackson.

ABT also works wonders in Foundry, if you find a single piece of ICE you can rez it, proc your ability, and shuffle the other two cards back into your deck. It's mostly good for the free install, the rez cost of most of the ICE is tiny.

Chronos Project and Elizabeth Mills are specifically to fight Dumblefork ... and it's not working. I don't know if everyone is having that problem, or if it's just playstyle, or this deck, but jebus I fold to that. I've squeaked out a couple wins against that deck, but I think that was pilot error and a crazy play where I used Mills to take out Wyldside, then my opponent played a second Wyldside, and I popped a Jackson and an EBC the next turn to take out the other Wildsyde.

Corporate Troubleshooter is a way to make Gold land, or prevent Sucker/Parasite shenanigans.

The rest is money ... and ICE. Not sure if I should replace Roto for Assassin, it would be my last shot, but I right now I'm stuck, looking for advice, or suggestions. I might be crazy thinking Foundry has a shot, but I think there's something is there. Any ideas? Am I just the wrong pilot?

25 Apr 2016 DarkMite2

Just curious.. are you just using Elizabeth Mills just to trash locations or is Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe that big in your area? I don't see any way for you to have a bad publicity. I'd consider switching out Rototurret for Grim if that's the case.

25 Apr 2016 bcavalier

@lroach2 It's to trash locations, Val isn't a huge issue, though there was a short amount of time where a few players were bringing DLR Val. It was in an effort to fight WyldCakes Anarch engines. It didn't work too well, but I'm not sure if its the deck, me, or just that Faust is really super strong right now.