Strange Flesh Corp Deck (Warning: possible spoilers)

Cuacuani 75

There may be minor spoilers in this decklist. If you haven't read Strange Flesh perhaps give this list a skip until after you've done so.

I read Strange Flesh on a flight recently and thought it was alright. So I've decided to make two decks themed around the book, one for Corp and one for Runner. This is the Corp deck. The Runner deck is here. They're not particularly strong, definitely not competitive, but I might use these as introductory decks. I've had to take some liberties with some parts of the deck. For example, ICE isn't really mentioned at all, so I've made up a fairly standard Jinteki ICE suite.

Caprice Nisei is obviously the starting point for the deck, given that she's a major character in the book. Given that she's working as a detective for the NAPD, NAPD Contract seemed like a reasonable inclusion. Caprice's 'sisters', the other clones in the Nisei line are used as something of a bargaining chip, so Nisei MK II seemed like another good choice of agenda and Nisei Division: The Next Generation was a natural fit for the deck Identity.

Chairman Hiro and Toshiyuki Sakai both appear in the book and so are both included. Rather fittingly, Senior Director Sakai doesn't really do much except be a bit of a pain.

The main plot revolves around stolen genetic technologies and so Genetic Resequencing and Medical Breakthrough are the final two agendas, keeping the deck on theme and also legal.

Shell Corporation is there because the deck needs to make money and it is mentioned that Jinteki have hidden some of their sneaky dealings by using, well, shell corporations. The Root also helps a bit with money and part of the book takes place on the beanstalk, so made some sense.

Whilst she's listening to Tallie's story, Caprice often uses her psychic abilities to check the truth (or lack therof) of her statement, so Precognition is included. Also, it's mechanically helpful, given the lack of any real draw engine.

Contract Killer, Punitive Counterstrike and Snatch and Grab are all included to represent the multiple unsuccessful attempts made on Tallie, Leah and Valentine's lives. Closed Accounts is there as that actually happened - Tallie's accounts get closed.

The ICE suite is nothing special - Snowflake and Clairvoyant Monitor get some extra mileage out of the Identity, the rest are there just as simple ETR Ice. Hunter is the only way in the deck to land the Tags required for Closed Accounts to work.