Pālanā FA

ChairmanMeow 7

Trying out Political Dealings for Fast Advance with Pālanā. Asset spam with somewhat punishing ice. Use Sensie Actors Union to pull out agendas and combo with SanSan.

I'm kinda worried about the econ, but between the ID (esp with Agroplex) and Turtlebacks it has played okay in testing (though I've occasionally wanted like a PAD campaign or something, I just don't know where to get the room).

26 Apr 2016 skyrunner36

Holy draw power batman.

26 Apr 2016 GrantZilla1979

Have you encountered anyone leaning on Fisk Investment Seminar yet? You just might have the speed to beat them before you run out of deck.

27 Apr 2016 ChairmanMeow

Yeah, I find it's pretty easy to stay ahead on money as long as you protect yrself from Account Siphon.

27 Apr 2016 Crauseon

How're you doing with only three Medical Breakthroughs? I've always used trios of them. You could experiment with -1 The Future Perfect, +1 Medical Breakthrough and +1 Nisei MK II.

I'm enjoying "Clones are not People" here. :)

How'd an extra Tsurugi at the expense of a third Komainu? They're both excellent cards (and punishing in different ways).

Hostile Infrastructure is almost crucial to these kinds of decks, and not just for Apocalypse. Change 1 Psychic Field for one, or is having two crucial to you?

27 Apr 2016 ChairmanMeow

Yeah, I need to evaluate the agenda suite. I've been tweaking it a bit and I think your suggestion is the way to go.

Clones is great, being able to use Political Dealings to get out an agenda for free onto SanSan, play it and score out the agenda is fantastic.

I will try out the Hostile Infrastructure for the Psychic Field. They are mostly just to be there enough for the runner to respect them but Hostile is really good.