Pure Chaos

Metaphorazine 163

Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind is often overlooked, seen as the little sister to all the other wonderful Shaper identities, such as Hayley and Kate.

She does have one important and powerful difference though: +1 MU.

+1 MU is nothing, I hear you cry! Pointless! A mere Akamatsu Mem Chip!

And while that is indeed true, it's also the key to having a whole rig installed together with that mother of all Vamp enablers, Magnum Opus.

You never run short of credits. You have no complex moving parts. No intricate engine that requires exactly the right cards at exactly the right time. Just sheer, economic power. And the perfect card to leverage that power, Vamp.

What do you do?

  1. Get a Magnum Opus on the table. Mulligan for it, if you don't get it then get one or a Self-modifying Code fast.
  2. Get your breakers, while laying out All-nighter's and Same Old Things.
    2(a). Install Beckman if you found her and a [New Angeles City Hall(/en/card/02109). She pays for herself in 4 turns. Best to hold her til you have the NACH down though, in case it's time for:
  3. Vamp the Corp to nothing. Maker's Eye the undefended R&D. If there's remotes you want to check out, or if you have more than two Notoriety in hand, crack the All Nighter's. Finish the turn with 2 or 3 extra points from Notoriety.
  4. Take 10 credits the turn after the corp clicks for 3, and watch hope die in their eyes.

Why do you have?

Vamp: The best icebreaker in the game. What the Corp can't afford, you don't have to break.

Rachel Beckman: Pays for herself after 4 turns in this deck.

Notoriety: You're already heading into HQ for Vamp, then R&D, with extra clicks to spare. Why the hell not?

New Angeles City Hall: Lets you keep Beckman when you're Vamping.

Quality Time: It's expensive compared to Diesel, and it could be worth swapping out. The extra draw has always been handy though.

Astrolabe: Giggles, and draw. We don't need the MU, but it's great to get extra cards off wide corps.

Dirty Laundry: Added econ, sure, but also if you think the Corp will play Enhanced Login Protocol it's great.

GS Shrike M2: It's expensive, and expensive to use. But it's just so damn consistent. Plus, fantastic against Komainu.

Snowball: -2 Snowball, -2 Clone Chip, +2 Corroder, +2 what? We're not planning on breaking barriers so often that it's a problem...

What can you do?

One recent game during a tournament resulted in a Vamp to nothing, Maker's Eye that whiffed, a Dirty Laundry run that saw nothing, then sailing into a 4 deep scoring remote with Ash and Caprice that was impenetrable until I took 40 credits off the Corp, stealing a 6 advanced Government Takeover, and playing Notoriety for the win.

26 Apr 2016 RubbishyUsername

I feel like there must be room for film critic so that New Angeles City Hall doesn't go to waste.

27 Apr 2016 lightburied

If you have the levy and SoT, maybe the clone chips are redundant? I don't know. But if they are, then drop one or both for a critic. Other than that, I dig this deck.

28 Apr 2016 hutch9514

Rachel Beckman can't be that good. There is so much tagging in the game right now that it is trashed so easily. 4 clicks to pay for itself is a long time too.

28 Apr 2016 NinjaLemon007

I really hate to say it to you but Rachel Beckman is worse than Hard at Work

28 Apr 2016 wynalazca

I'd try -1 shrike for a clot, -2 beckman for utopia shard + political operative and the deck would probably be a decent amount more flexible. You can then drop the NACH slots for other things. I'd add 2-3 indexing and drop 1 makers (go down to 2). Drop the all-nighters for more flex stuff? Diesel maybe? Hyperdriver? 1x Councilman as tech vs certain decks (CI for instance)?

I think this is a pretty strong shell to start with. I like it.