Sunny Drip Econ v.1

MarkyG 16

Hi. This is my first decklist on here. I've gone for flavour and what I feel suits Sunny rather than building to a particular meta. As a result, there might be stuff in the deck that could be replaced with something a bit more competitive- I get that- but I'm more of a casual player... Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated though... :)

28 Apr 2016 Unlinked

You've got 3x Kati, Mr Li and Jak. You don't need 9 cards to get those 3 resources in play. You could cut that down to 2 and add another Hostage to play anything you don't draw naturally.

Data Folding is another good drip econ card since you're relying on the cloud breakers, which don't cost her any MU.

You are a bit light on econ if the corp gets ahead since you won't be able to rely on Power Tap + Security Nexus. Multithreader is an option to fund your breakers. The Supplier will help you play all those resources and your console.

Rachel Beckman is pretty fragile and there are a lot of options for tagging runners so you might find yourself not running as aggressively once she's in play out of fear of losing her. As an alternative consider including Adjusted Chronotype to make your Globalsec peek at R&D free every turn.

I tried getting a drip econ Sunny deck going for a while and found it too slow in practice to get up and running, even with Earthrise Hotel to accelerate the draw. After playtesting your deck a bit I think you'll discover the same and need to look at putting more early pressure on the corp, or some burst econ to help you build your rig faster.

Good luck and happy running!

28 Apr 2016 elghoto

This is very similar to the first version of Sunny Lebeau that I created. Some things that I changed was to remove Security Testing. It seems a great economy strategy specially if you combine it with Jak Sinclair, but many times you would like to access the cards. Also, it consumes too much influence. Consider that you also make money in the long range. Consider adding Bank Job, which you could do almost the same and get 7 right away.

Also, I found that adding a Aesop's Pawnshop it's a great thing for late money making. So don't add 3. For instance you can recycle Jak Sinclair, which costed you 0 to install, and you convert it in a 3 worth card, to install another one again.

Add 3 Power Tap to make Security Nexus shine, plus Jak Sinclair you break, get at most 3 and access.

Add Rabbit Hole and another Security Chip for late runs on expensive servers. It's fun to see the a huge column of ice protecting the last agenda get broken for 6.

Multithreader is a good economy card, but it make Overmind useless. The 2 time that you used Multithreader you got your money back.

Too much Kati Jones. In my last version of the deck I don't even have it. And the other game I had a credit pool worth 28 doing runs every turn, with Sinclair and the power taps.

Consider adding Symmetrical Visage. Good economy card, because the deck is too big. The Supplier is a great economy card. Moreover, you can host cards that you can't install right away.

I use John Masanori to speed up the deck. It's risky but most of your runs will be safe, specially if you have Security Nexus. Recycle it with Aesop's Pawnshop at the late game to get the money back.

28 Apr 2016 elghoto

Have a look to mine

28 Apr 2016 elghoto

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