Ultimate polterGEIST! 2.1

fs1973 57

This is my newest attempt to put together a solid fun and fast to play Geist deck. B&E icebreakers will help early while your building up your late game rig with sunny's tanks. You'll have lot's of draw, as expected in Geist, and money is also good, although it could be improved.

29 Apr 2016 pang4

The first thing I'd do is replace Easy Mark with Fall Guy. Card draw is probably better economy in this deck than pure credits, plus Fall Guy works with Tech traders.

Secondly, I'd switch the GS Striker M1 for ZU.13 Key Master. It's just more efficient.

Finally, finding space for Same Old Thing is probably a great idea. Not only would it be safety for your Levy, but also recursion for Siphon. And that's some great economy right there.

29 Apr 2016 fs1973

@pang4 It's funny that you suggest swapping Easy Mark for Fall Guy because the last version of this deck had precisely 3 Fall Guy instead of the 3 Easy Mark. I swapped them for fast recovery if i reach 0 credits, but you're also right, card draw is also super important. ZU.13 Key Master is a nice idea. I'll do that. About Same Old Thing, i know what you mean, but not sure were to cut off. maybe swapping Forger for 2 Reflection and cut the 2 Access to Globalsec and had a 5th Spy Camera.

29 Apr 2016 pang4

I'd cut 1 Access to Globalsec, and to be perfectly honest, the Sure Gambles. Your entire deck is economy, up to and including your icebreakers. You don't need the Gambles, you can make do with Siphons and Tech-resources for cash.