A Brahman and a Scholar

Zakalwe 473

A Brahman and a Scholar is a concept deck based on my review of Brahman. It uses the most practical cards from the review to try and build up the rig while pressuring the corp at the same time.

The idea is to combine Brahman as a super breaker (NRE, Datasucker) with recurring D4v1d, Cyber-Cypher and Lady to break into any server cheaply.

Scheherazade and Tech Writer along with Sahasrara mean getting paid to reinstall programs.

3x Paricia handles asset spam. Re-install it mid-turn to refresh the 2 for ing assets.

Oracle May, John Masanori and Patron re-draw the programs from top of stack.

Multithreader combos with SMC and Savoir-faire to get programs back onto the table without spending s and trigger Hayley's ID ability.

30 Apr 2016 lightburied

While I really do like this deck, maybe cut Savoir-faire and a Paricia for two more Multithreaders?

Also, how does a shaper, g-mod, breaker bay grad with a chrome job, dropped in the middle of mumbad without a pawnshop to sell all of the Caches she uses up, grow up to be a Brahman and a scholar?

2 May 2016 Zakalwe

Savior-faire could probably be cut, since Hayley has other quick install tricks, but Paricia is really important, because it is 0 to install. You could replace it was Pawn or Inti but then you lose quite a lot of functionality.

It has occurred to me recently that Sports Hopper would be far superior to Plascrete for this deck since it offers both flatline protection and flexible draw.