(3-1 & a timed win in 5 Round Swiss)

D4KEN 136

This is my list i went to a small SC with 14 people and ended up as 5th after 5 Round Swiss. I took the comments from Coffeyay ( see and some inspirations from other Palana builds into account.

Round 1 vs Spy Camera Geist - Win
Round 2 vs Hayley - Loose
Round 3 vs Stealth Andy - Win, early Switchblade was annoying
Round 4 vs E3 Quetzal timed tie, to much barriers and only 2 "End the Run" Code Gates cost me the win
Round 5 vs Hayley - Win, an early Rototurret broke the runner

Things to change: need more "End the Run" Code Gates, Lotus Field isn't required, didn't saw any Yog. Think about to go for an Quandry.