*You* Try to Keep Up

JohnnyCache 35

Overview: This deck uses Tennin's ability for what it's good for: going fast as hell. The game plan is to keep them locked out long enough in the early game to get some juicy advancement tokens out on your advanceable ice , then trick of light them onto your 3/2s, stopping any clot shenanigans with ol' faithful.

Specific Card Choices: Shock! and Snare! are there to disincentivise runs, along with Space Camp , which is also useful for kick-starting your token train if you're not getting your ID ability. In the same way, Commercialisation can kickstart your economy when you're in dire straits, but can also make you super rich in the late game. Speaking of advancements, I ended up favouring Asteroid Belt and Ice Wall over Tyrant or Wormhole. Asteroid Belt has the advantage of having advancement tokens that don't matter when it's rezzed, meaning moving them off onto an agenda doesn't weaken your defences. Furthermore, unlike Wormhole, it isn't reliant on other cards being rezzed first, so seeing one early game isn't a dead draw. Nebula could be useful for slowing runner tempo, but at the moment I prefer stopping the run altogether to ensure I get the ID ability. Ice Wall is useful as a gear check, and can scale up with advancement tokens pretty well. Crisium Grid stops heavy medium digs and is another layer that helps you to get your ID to trigger. Excalibur cuts down on runs, again helping with ID triggers. The rest are there because (I think) they're good cards.

Problems: as Trick of Light is essential to your game plan, losing it and not being able to recur it can stop you from winning games. Hopefully you'll only need 3 of them to win the game, but Noise and other milling can stop you from getting to them first time round, and Jackson can only do so much. Heavy clot recursion can also be a problem, so in future I may try and bump up to 3 CVS's. Also sometimes it can be hard to score your Medical Breakthroughs - especially if they get one locked down on a film critic, considering apart from Snare! there's no tagging mechanism in this deck. SEA Source could be useful against this but it's not the direction I think this deck should go to be efficient. Also I'm always really bad at ice selection, so hmu if you have any better suggestions.