Stealth Storm

Jandersoncad 1009

I'll keep this description brief. Spoiler this deck isn't a very competitive deck, infact it is just super jank. But if your looking for something fun in different.

So there is an interaction with replicator and bazaar were you can "cascade" one installed hardware into all the remaining copies out of your deck. In playtesting I've turn one bazaar tyson first click. find replicator play tech writer. Then next turn find spy cam and 3rd click play both. You proceed to play 6 spy cams. Get 6 tech writer triggers. Then last click arrange the top 6 cards of your deck how you see fit.

The ability to arrange is really good because you keep shuffling with replicator. Get a stealth rig set up really fast. Sell NetChip to Aesop. The deck is really fun to play vs glacier. But its rough vs FastTro.

Anyway hope you have fun with it and if you want to see it played we will have a YouTube video of it soon. Look for Chaos Theory the Netrunner show on YouTube.