And a remote for you! And another one for you! Another one!

Tsgstarwars 144

Disclaimer: This is probably the stupidest remote deck ever built. NBN's got NEH. Jinteki's got IG. Weyland's got Gagarin. HB's got... (Cricket, Cricket)

The idea is that you overcrowd your playmat, Lakshmi smart fabrics, and score all your agendas off the table. That's the idea at least. Suggestions are welcome.

3 May 2016 StarryVeck

Clone Suffrage Movement would allow you to really leverage those Shipment from MirrorMorphs and seems a natural fit here, what with so little ice. Is there a reason you haven't included it?

Also, bravo for attempting to use Research Grant.

3 May 2016 Starwarstsg

Close suffrage movement was originally in the deck, but I thought that it was wasted space with only 6 ops. I forgot just how good tons of mirrormorphs would be. The only problem is what to cut.

3 May 2016 StarryVeck

Hmmmm, there is a problem with Mirrormorph and Jeeves though, in that you're almost never going to have the 6 assets in hand to power the mega-turn. And if you do, you definitely won't in the following turn. Which perhaps makes Jackson more pivotal in a deck like this (although Political Operative and Councilman have nerfed his usefulness in terms of card draw).

Maybe a true Mirrormorph deck doesn't actually include Jeeves. They both offer a similar effect, so to try to use both is perhaps a bit 'win more'. I might try this without Jeeves and with CSM instead. I like the idea though. And with such an abundance of assets coupled with a mechanism for getting them onto the table, even Ronald Five doesn't look rubbish.

4 May 2016 Starwarstsg

The idea was that if they trash stuff, they're not going to know about Ronald the first time, and it'll tax them ever time afterwards that they want to trah more than one thing. After they hit a snare!, it's unlikely they'll want to keep tuning last click, but hopefully Ronald will slow them down so they can't punish the lack of ice as badly.

I agree that Jeeves and mirrormorphs don't really fit together, but I think they're each good enough that it's helpful redundancy rather than annoying redundancy. I'll have to play test that, though.