HB: EtNF feat. Batty (3-0 Padis GNK)

Gaxeco 28

HB: Engineering the NEXT future feat. Batty

This deck went 3-0 winning to Leela, Leela and, yes Leela. (There was more diversity in the store, but I faced the ez targets)

I've been piloting this deck in the last months and is pretty solid despite there are a lot of anarch out there. Your main goal is to kill their rigs or kill them, with NEXT Gold - Marcus Batty combo. After that, score that Chronos Project you have been holding for the last 2 turns. It's an easy deck to pilot, now easier with Advanced Assembly Lines that makes this deck a little bit faster, and I love it.

My recommendations to pilot this deck:

  • Use a mother goddess + rototurret on remote
  • If criminal, install an Ash on HQ, they will think is a Crisium Grid
  • Install Batty + Gold combo on R&D as soon as posible, they will run it sometime in the game, so soon or later, it will fire and it will hurt
  • If anarch, just rush like there is no tomorrow
  • If shaper, this matchup will be harder than criminal, but not harder than anarch, you wont have any problems, thats why you are running Chronos Project

Cards I choosed for this:

  • Enforcer: This counters VERY well Nexus and Apex (Lol)
  • Aggresive Secretary: Just to bluff and kill some rig
  • Reclamation Order: This card is INSANE good, gives back money, if necessary, battys (if needed) or some next ice. (Also, counters parasite a little bit)

Here is one game I had with Forbidden403, a very good player.


To sum up, I'm very happy with the deck. I'm not a pro player, so any suggestions will be good to increase the power of this deck. I hope all of you like this :)

PD: Salsette Island not included