Worst Runner deck Ever

goodknite 129

As a compliment to my worst Weyland Deck I present the worst runner deck ever. I needed to find cards that weren't just useless, but were actively hurting the runner to play. I set guidelines though as follows:

1)The runner needed copies of all 3 breakers. 2)It needed to include 3 Sure gambles 3)needed a way to gain credits

So the ID I chose is ADAM who with none of his support cards are severely hampered. Then I reduced his hand size even more with brain damage from Skulljack and Stimdealer, and gave him a console which reduced his memory to his already small handsize. Finally I included click reduction in Starlight crusade and Hard at Work, but balanced it out with Akshara Sareen who boosts the corps clicks as well. With ADAM already running first click it's hard to do anything with this deck. Enjoy!

4 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@goodknite Surprised you went for Adam: Compulsive Hacker who's fairly good. If you picked Apex: Invasive Predator you could even try to make it useful and still it'd be rubbish.

4 May 2016 TheBytemaster

Ekomind + Adam new meta confirmed.

+1 for using Record Reconstructor.

5 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

I reccomend Ghost Runner over Infiltration, as the credits on it must be used by Safety First.

5 May 2016 The Broken Meeple

I've yet to hear anyone else ever say that Adam is good while Apex is rubbish. Granted Apex is rubbish but Adam is abysmall! Hi I'm Adam, my deck is gimped before you even started playing. Hope you can find the combo cards you need to make me function normally in the game! Sunny was the only half decent runner out of those mini ones!

5 May 2016 Manadog

I thought general consensus was that Adam was the only use - able mini faction. Apex is too limited and sunny isn't kate. Adam isn't good but he at least is a little different without being totally gimped.

5 May 2016 Sanjay

I am worried that you are running the risk of the player extracting too much value out of Bazaar if they ever draw both motorcylces.

5 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Manadog Sunny is usable shes just slower than most & people dont help her any by including loads of link. I personally think she has the best console in the game also but then i've been tinkering with her for sometime now so am probally biast their.

@The Broken Meeple Adam: Compulsive Hacker is defiantly better than Apex: Invasive Predator. Apex is 2 hindered with his ability a breaker that takes up 4MU and no multi access. Yet adam has multi access and the ability to break ICE right from the start.

7 May 2016 BobAloVskI

Have you played games with this deck against your worst corp deck? I'd be interested in finding out which one is the worst deck. My pick would be the corp being the worst. This deck could just run and not be stopped with the ICE. They would take the tags and lost their programs but would eventually hit 7AP.

9 May 2016 The Broken Meeple

@Manadog My thought process was that Adam: Compulsive Hacker requires you to spend ages getting the cards out to make him passable which sucks up time. All the while the Corp is doing what he does best. Yes he can break a subroutine from the word go, but only if it's a single sub-routine ice. Second an Enigma or something shows up, he's halted and yet you keep having to waste a click to do a run. I just never saw any potential in this guy, but figured Apocalypse and Hunting Grounds at least made Apex have something to work with.

8 Aug 2018 binnet

Had to update this deck to the new MWL 2.1 and rotation and can confirm. It still sucks. Got to 4 AGenda Points but money was an issue. Maybe I shouldnt have spent 10 credits on those sports tickets... I tried asking corp to bounce my Stimddealer with Archangel but nope I lost my Skulljack isntead. That proved to be very annoying cause if I had it I would have been able to trash that Red Herrings =/ All in all I would give this deck a 7/10I would have probably won if I had just seen Chatterjee University early, man that is a good card.