Runny McRunface

Waltzard 369

I don't like the runner side of Netrunner much. I'm mainly a corp player. Nonetheless, when I got to tourneys, I got to run. Here's the deck I've eased into. It will win about half your games. It is also good to teach new players with.

Money: I run the basic data folding / underworld contact drip engine. This provides you with your breaking money. You get bursts from your events to let you do installs. Iain's ability helps out if you are falling behind. Honestly, this deck tends to swim in money. There might be too much in here.

Draw: Party's keep you seeing more of your deck at a decent clip, and there are 2 drug dealers. I usually only install one. Initially you'll have to be clicking to draw/party for a while, but a dealer will turn up someday.

Multi-access: One HQ interface, One Medium.

Rig: The basic 3 breakers, along with enough extra mem to get your breakers and medium installed and still fold data.

Events: Drive By to pop assets that they put behind ice, or upgrades if they aren't pre-rezzing. Inside Job because it is great, Siphon because it is great.

Scorch Protection: One crash space, not quite as stronk as plascrete vs. scorchers, but at least it isn't dead in other matchups.

Recursion: 1 Deja Vu, to get back your breakers, or a clutch event if they aren't killing breakers. One Same Old Thing, to do another Deja Vu if breakers are dropping like flies, or do another event otherwise.

Data Dealer: Screw news teams, also activates Iain powers.

How to play: Mulligan for econ. Each turn, play any econ cards, then draw up to max. Play Breakers as they are convenient, tutoring if necessary. Your goal in the opening is to set up your drip. You may be helped by Iain if you fall behind by a point or two. Use Siphons/Drive By's/Inside Jobs if they are trying to run out too far ahead before you can get set up.

Once you have your breakers and econ, run all over. Once you have medium, win by running R&D till you win.

Thanks for reading.

8 May 2016 SavageOne316

I recommend sports hopper instead of crash space. It's going to turn on your underworld contacts, you can pop it on the corps turn and in dead matchups you can use it to burst draw.

8 May 2016 Waltzard

I like the crash space's 2 creds for fixing siphons. Sports hopper also being draw vs purple is, of course, a consideration. Both cards are very similar in this deck. I think when I actually made the decision the one point cheaper install cost actually tipped it for me.

I might switch down the line, but in the testing I did, the creds for fixing siphon were better than the link.