Home Depot (GNK Winner)

Trilkin 40

...because it has a lot of tools? Get it? No? Okay.

This deck is 100% work of @foilflaws, so thanks to him for it. It, along with the corp. deck he built with me, took a tied win at a (very) small local GNK today and, well, it's my first time winning anything. Even if it was technically a tie since we didn't keep track of SoS. Yes, it was that small.

Anyway, it's standard Geist stuff. I didn't find myself really needing the Dyson at all so it might be replaceable with something else. New Angeles City Hall was all of the tag avoidance I needed for the day, but I imagine in a different match up, I'd say a different story. Still, with Film Critic being a thing in this deck, Dyson seems unnecessary here except in the case where you have a lot of stuff out and absolutely need to pop your Forger.

I did okay, but there were definitely some pilot error issues.

Game 1 vs. Palana Semi-Glacier: Loss

Wasn't nearly as aggressive as I should've been early. He scored two Mk. 2s - even with The Source out for the first one. Was way too afraid of his ice since I only had two breakers out. Definitely a pilot issue. After the two Mk. 2s were out, the rest was history. He gave me a lot of free accesses on R&D, but most of them whiffed except for a TFP out of R&D that I missed. I nabbed one out of a remote, but it was too late by that point.

Game 2 vs. Blue Sun Glacier: Win

"Better lucky than good." He had a commanding board state for most of the game and a mid-game Corporate Town three ice deep broke my economy. Rather than try to build my board state back up, though, I took advantage of the (comparatively) lightly defended R&D. He had a smaller remote he was scoring out of with an Ash that he misjudged credits on, allowing me to steal out of it. Was the game that made me glad I had the Forger AND Dyson out. Almost every run I made on R&D except for one got me an agenda, so I was -incredibly- lucky. That wasn't a game I probably should've won.

Game 3 vs. Argus Flatline: Win

New Angeles City Hall did its job here. He didn't actually put any ice out, so I got a lot of free accesses off of R&D and with an early Medium off of a Street Peddler, I was able to secure the game. He really wanted to go for the kill, but the pieces weren't together for him by the time I dug points out of R&D.

Thanks again to @foilflaws for the list. Corp write up to follow.