Ice-Cream Christmas Cake (GNK Winner)

Trilkin 40

Because, you know, it's the Christmas--- you know, never mind. I suck at naming decks.

This deck is 100% @foilflaws' work. I brought it to a very small GNK and ended up splitting a win (we didn't keep track of SoS) with someone else at it. It's a ChristmasLand variant that keeps Fast Track. While I didn't need it during the day, I was glad I had it anyway. The ice suite makes Faust cry and that's good enough for me. I was happy with how it turned out either way. Again, like the Geist deck, I felt like my losses were PRIMARILY due to pilot error.

Game 1 vs. B&E/Tech Traders Geist: Win

It was actually a fairly long game, but he didn't take too many pokes at my remotes so I was able to score out of them. I rarely had to leverage Jeeves for anything here, playing this pretty much as a straight EtF semi-glacier. He had a lot of trouble finding his breakers, though, so I ended up getting a head start he couldn't catch up from.

Game 2 vs. Stealth Jesminder: Loss

Strong early game, but got siphoned and R&D locked. Couldn't recover in time for her to bury my economy and fish out my agendas to finish out the game. This was mostly my fault due to not drawing; I had several turns where I just installed, credit, credit when I should've been Jackson drawing out to find my agendas before she set up. Once the Clot threat was active and CVS was in archives, it was down hill from there.

Game 3 vs. Apex: Win

I double-iced my centrals almost immediately to keep the Apocalypse threat minimal and force him to take shots at my remotes. Most of his accesses were on HQ, but this is the game where Jeeves really shined. Most importantly, I was able to finish out the game by scoring out an Efficiency Committee out of hand with the help of Biotic Labor. Since he was on Faust as his supplementary breaker, the ice suite was especially painful for him. He paid for his accesses pretty heavily.

Thanks again to @foilflaws for the list. Good games had by all.