Regional Winner, Portland, OR 5/7/2016 Engine Building Game

bluebird503 1966

I will add a description later its 2:21 am and I played Netrunner all day.

This deck is actually a lot of fun. It's like an engine building board game, you build your engine and try to do your best at preventing your opponent from interacting with your engine. When the engine is actually up and running its so satisfying. Can still lose to random access/film critic if your not careful, sometimes I was not.

Update: I finished 7th with this list at Pasadena going 3-2 on the day. People were quite a bit better at playing against it this time and my matches felt tough. Still lots of fun though.

9 May 2016 grogboxer

It IS like a Euro game, that's the best description for why I like this deck. Just replace the cyber-theme with medieval Europe and you could sell a game of just setting up this combo at Essen

9 May 2016 Hatesnow

You can't win if runner use Salsatte Slum

I played IG everyday.. but Salsatte Slum make me sad

9 May 2016 bluebird503

@Hatesnow I have lost with this deck.. but I've never lost because of Salsette Slums. They need to remove 4 cards to completely shut you out of a win condition or get lucky and remove elizabeth.

9 May 2016 percomis

Was Executive Search Firm worth the -1 Snare?

9 May 2016 wedgeex

Would Marcus Batty be a good include? He's fetchable with Search Firm.

9 May 2016 AsteriskCGY

Batty needs Ice in front of it to work. The lack of Ice means you have a short list of things that can work with it.

10 May 2016 benticurus

Kyle, why do you always have to win!! Great game day it was..

10 May 2016 bluebird503

@percomis Yes I believeso @wedgeex I think I would play caprice maybe if I could find a slot. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't play Batty. @benticurus thanks, grats to you as well

10 May 2016 StarryVeck

The more I play IG the less I seem to care about Crick. And the more I think about using Caprice Nisei/taxing ice to keep those facedown cards safe. I also got wrecked with Salsette Slums AND Archives Interface the other day so making archives a tougher access seems like a plan. Hmmm.

Is Ronin doing much work? I guess it's there to close out games but I'd feel more comfortable with another Snare! in there myself...

11 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

Those of you complaining about Salsette Slums have not noticed that is a location so can be trashed by Elizabeth Mills, which is itself searchable with Executive Search Firm and Tech Startup. The slums would likely stay on the field for one or two turns - not enough to remove the combo pieces.

Incidentally, I like the Executive Search Firm - always being able to find Jackson Howard to overdraw, is a powerful ability. That's where the archives "defense" is coming from here I suspect - throwing away 7 facedown cards and requiring an additional archives run is a powerful ability.