Mean MaxX (6th Place, PDX Regionals)

podoboyz99 2343

No big writeup this time, just wanted to show that you can still play MaxX. It's really hard to do in this meta, with all the asset spam (which she hates), so you have to dedicate a lot of your tech cards to those matchups. Armitage and Scrubber are essential for this.

There was a 35 person turnout at this regionals, 2 more than last year. I started off the day by losing to a Gagarin (the eventual 5th place player), then went on to beat 3 Palana and Spark in the swiss. I unfortunately only got to play this deck once in the cut, but I beat an IG by clicking for a lot of credits, making him ice centrals, and keeping recursion off the board with double Scrubber. you can find my rushy HB deck here.

Thanks to Guardian Games for hosting the event, Bryan and all the organizers for making the event great, thanks to the Portland folks for welcoming us Seattlites and the NorCal guys, thanks to everyone I played for being really friendly, and congratulations to @bluebird503 for taking the whole thing.

12 May 2016 Myriad

Was a mean deck!

Secretly I was rooting for you the whole time!