Always be Successful (darkside alt)

Zakalwe 473

Do you play Netrunner because you like making runs?

Do you believe that every successful run should be richly rewarded?

Would you like to play a deck that is as effective at busting down servers as Dumblefork or Goodstuff Hayley?

If you are screaming YES! at your screen right now then Always be Sucessful is the deck for you!

Every run you make is richly rewarded:

Ken gets paid 1 just for using a run event and there are 15 run events in the deck. Desperado pays out another 1 for every successful run. John Masanori draws a card on top of that. Then you can punish naked assets with Security Testing as well.

3 Legworks and 3 Maker's Eyes gives lots of chances to score Agendas and pressures both HQ and R&D. Inside Job coupled with the incredible breaker suite and Pol op for Caprice means no remote is safe either. Account Siphon and Dirty Laundry are both powerhouse cards, but it's particularly noteworth that a Dirty Security Test can have a net profit of 7 and 1 draw for a .

Always be Successful:

For maximum efficiency with Ken you want to make one big run every turn. This meshes perfectly with Always Be Running's requirement.

ABR + e3 Feedback Implants will get you through any piece of ICE guaranteed, even anti-AI Ice like Swordsman and Turing have no protection against it. ABR + e3 Implants is amazing because it completely ignores the strength of the ICE. You can break Curtain Wall or Orion for + 2s. You can break Janus 1.0 for + 3s!

Faust, Peacock and Grappling Hook also synergise strongly with e3 implants. Faust can pay 1 instead of a card for additional s, Peacock saves 1 per additional and Grappling Hook + 1 will break ANY multi-sub ICE (ignoring the strength!).

My favourite play from testing was to break an Archer with Grappling Hook + 1 and then derez it with Crescentus.

Breach is just a influence-free fracter. In the non-darkside version of this deck it was originally Corroder but that had to make way for the dark lord. You could potentially swap it for Aurora (also works well with e3) if you want the ability to break barriers on remotes but Aurora chokes hard on Eli 1.0 and Spiderweb.

Piloting the Deck:

Your primary win condition is to score 7 Agenda points.

may be the easiest match-up (e3 implants destroys Bioroid ICE) and damage decks is probably the hardest (spending to break with ABR means less s to draw cards).

Use spare s to draw cards. Every card in this deck either makes runs easier or better. Try to keep a full hand to protect yourself against flatline and keep the corp guessing what you've got.

Hammer R&D until the corp rezzes some ICE. Don't use Grappling Hook unless you need to clear the . It can save you against a surprise rez of some big piece of ICE.

Pressure the scoring server and try to get a read for when the opponent is trying to score. If the corp is playing asset spam your best chance is to hammer the centrals for agendas and using security testings to keep up your econ. Against Scorch or FA try to score 7 1st and keep the corp poor. Against Jinteki damage decks play patiently and don't lose key cards to net damage.

Don't install ABR immediately - try and get Desperado, John Masanori or Security Testing out before you lock yourself into having to make a run each turn. Remember you can always install ABR 1st , run 2nd and then use it to break with the last .

This deck has no recursion so make sure you install your breakers ASAP and be careful about getting tagged.

Count your clicks. Account Siphon using ABR to break uses and leaves 2 Tags.

Not included:

  • Corroder - lack of influence

  • Sneakdoor Beta - doesn't synergise with Legwork and you don't want the Corp to ICE archives because of security testing.

  • Retrieval Run - this was in the original version of the deck but I found I never ended up using it.

  • Levy AR Lab Access - lack of influence

  • Run Amok - this is a powerhouse super Inside Job. This card did incredible amounts of damage in the original version of the deck but was sadly cut due to lack of influence.

  • Same Old Thing - not compatible with ABR even if you use it to play a Run Event.

  • Fisk Investment Seminar - not compatible with ABR

  • Drug Dealer - it may make you broke on click one and you do not want to be broke when you NEED to run.

  • Decoy - it lets you Siphon safely with ABR and protects you from Data Raven, Snare! or SEA Source tags. (deck space)

  • a 3rd copy of ABR - lack of influence

  • Vamadeva - the Dark Lord does not require his services

  • High-Stakes Job - tricky to set up but otherwise well suited to this deck (deck space)

  • Sports Hopper - might be worthwhile to provide more endurance against flatline decks (deck space)

19 May 2016 Zakalwe

Changes to Current Version

High-Stakes Job just makes so much sense for this deck, since it can basically always break ICE and also has Crescentus.

Sports Hopper is a vital include, because the burst draw helps against both Scorch Decks as well as checking Mushin remotes. Not having any type of answer to flatline was a huge weakness of the published version of the deck and I have not regretted the addition of Sports Hopper for a moment. If I could find the deck space I'd even be tempted to add a 3rd copy since you want it early against kill decks. The extra is fantastic as well. Against a Corp with some bad pub you'll basically walk through low strength tracer ICE and then get paid with Desperado-Masanori. It also helps to boost Faust for a vital run too.