Spy Geist: Freedom Through Spying

siroracle 159

Been having oodles of fun with this one lately. Spy Camera + "FTE" (don't forget the quotation marks) is real and hilarious and will win you games.

3x Off-Campus Apartment to get the beautiful oiled machine that is your draw engine going early. I mulligan/dig for it in pretty much any game given the number of connections that are here. Prioritize Tech Traders off of your Peddlers, other cards based on the matchup. Clone Chip saves any perma-breakers you need to give up.

Economy is weird and I love it. You'll hover around 0-5 creds for a good number of turns before suddenly looking down and having 40. Don't be afraid to pop early Technical Writers with two or three counters (+Tech Trader $$) to keep the momentum up.

Spy Camera and Raymond Flint let you time your runs correctly, PolOp and Councilman deal with untimely Jackson/Caprice/Batty/Crisium. Film Critic for Midseasons/Argus/etc. I'd love to find room for another Legwork but find myself using everything too often.

Keep track of your clicks if you're playing IRL, you're getting so much draw/$$ from trashing things, I promise you'll forget what click you're on. You'll be okay with it, though.

10 May 2016 Daine

Raymond Flint! This deck would have earned my love for that inclusion even if the rest of the deck hadn't. Having played against this deck, however, I can vouch for the odd and effective economy. Nice build.

10 May 2016 Werewerf

Really enjoyed this so far!

13 May 2016 Hongkong Koma

Tweaked the deck a bit (+3 Underworld Contact, -3 Street Peddler, +3 Security Chip) and had a lot of fun. Feels like Asset Spam for Runners. Spy Cameras were great in the endgame to snipe out the final agenda, while "FTE" gave me that nice little extra point to finish earlier.

I think Spy Cams work great with drug dealer so you can control what is dripping in. Will play it further, feels fresh and innovative.

19 May 2016 Alexej Dorianov

What about Oracle May?

19 May 2016 siroracle

@Daine @Werewerf Glad you've enjoyed it!

@HongKong Koma I went back and forth on Underworld Contact and ended up deciding I didn't run enough link to justify it. Glad you've found a way to make it workable!

@Alexej Dorianov Oracle May + Spy Camera is definitely a workable combo (bonus points for the connection with my username), but I don't see it working with how I play this deck. I basically never use my Cameras for their click ability and rarely click to draw outside of the opening few turns. Feel free to build a variant and prove me wrong, though!