The Grind v1.0

underdogg0 37

First off, full credit to Axlotl. Eviscerator is the inspiration for this deck. I feel that I should explain a few of the cards in here.

First, Always Be Running. Apex's ice breaking abilities pretty much start and end at Endless Hunger. Its very cool to use, don't get me wrong, but you only have to bump into a Flare once before you realize that it isn't quite enough. Always Be Running is a great way to mitigate risk once you are in a position where you can start running regularly. Its also a great way to get into servers that you wouldn't be able to get into (I hate to bring up the Flare example again, but its very traumatic. Needless to say, I still have some unresolved feelings.), especially when paired with e3 Feedback Implants. I guess Crypsis is an option as well, but I think I'd rather flat line than use Crypsis as an ice breaker.

Second, Plascrete Carapace. This one seems to make people say "Wha...? But... why?", seeing as how Heartbeat basically allows you to prevent as much damage as you want. Well, I think it makes sense. Let me explain. First and foremost, its zero influence. This is important since you super need that influence for all of that DDoS. This allows for this card to be an easy face down install. Second, in the worst case scenario, it can save your life. Lets say you just used Apocalypse. Heartbeat is now face down and mostly useless to you. Let's be honest, you are playing as Apex, so you've probably acquired a few tags. You can install Plascrete Carapace next turn and mitigate risk until you draw your next Heartbeat. However, I have used it as a face down install most of the times that I have drawn it.

Last one that I'll explain is Levy AR Lab Access. This one is probably pretty obvious, but since Apex basically resets the game every so often (Apocalypse), you may very well run out of Endless Hunger. This would usually award the win to the corp, which is discouraging after a long and brutal game. With Levy AR Lab Access, now the scenario plays out more like this: "I'm on my last Endless Hunger? No big deal, I'll just start over". Apex has a tendency to draw games out, and the ability to start over without the corp being able to do so can be very devastating in the late game.

Additionally, I have a couple of neutral cards in here that mostly just make for good face down installs (Crypsis, Infiltration).

I won't waste time explaining any others since Axlotl explained most of them in Eviscerator (Go check that deck out, its really nice).

Comments and feedback welcomed and encouraged. And remember, always be running.

13 May 2016 Diegofsv

This deck is great, but its just too poor. Any apocalypse against a Scorched + SEA source and you are done. May work against Asset spam since apocalypse is great for that, but even than, too slow.

13 May 2016 underdogg0

@Diegofsv A valid concern, but that's really just part of playing Apex. You have to adjust your play style to minimize the risk. Apocalypse is a really fun card, but there is definitely a high price to pay if you're careless with it. Correct usage of Utopia Shard can really help with this vulnerability as well :)

13 May 2016 Diegofsv

@underdogg0 I do agree with you. I played my fair share of it and I do think that it just need more cards. The Turning Wheel and CBI Raid are cards that do help him a lot but it needs more to be competitive. Either way, nice list.

14 May 2016 cspieker

Have you considered Sports Hopper instead of the Plascrete? It protects versus Scorch (and Ronin), and does other good things for Apex. The link can be good. Tracers (e.g. Flare!) can be a problem for Apex. Also card draw can be quite useful, especially card draw you can trigger Wasteland's with on the corp's turn.

14 May 2016 underdogg0

@cspieker that's a great suggestion! I'll definitely give that a try.

25 May 2016 pang4

Completely agree with @cspieker: Hopper does everything you want in this deck. It helps mitigate tracers (Apex weak spot), but it also provides card draw and a way to not die. I wouldn't build an Apex deck without it.