Bypass Extravaganza V.3 (NO ICEBREAKERS)

benticurus 1676

I love working on original janky decks, it's what makes playing card games worth it for me. This deck does well against most decks, except NBN Fastro. It relies on the absence of Drive Bys and Infiltrations in most decks, hence highly unexpected for most players, perfect for killing Caprice, Ash, Executive Bootcamp, etc. Moreover, given that most players expect a barrage of Siphons from Criminal, DDoS on the table can help curve your opponent's expectations, allowing you to force them to play sub-optimally in so far as they are unaware that you have no-icebreakers and expect to play a janky deck.

This deck, obviously, is absurdly good against shell-game decks.

The strategy is to concentrate on attacking 3 servers: HQ, Archives (with Sneakdoor Beta) and the Scoring server. I never face-check ICE, I just build up my little machine and use the DDoS/ False Echo/ Inside Job to get into the scoring servers or HQ.

I use Fisk Investment Seminar only when I believe that the runner has an agenda in a scoring server: it fills up the Corp's HQ with fresh cards, so that Gang Sing/HQ Interface can do their job.

If the Corp dumps cards in Archives before scoring the Agenda, then you can surprise them with a Hades Shard (which can bypass Jackson Howard if played from hand on the Runner's turn).

This deck is the final form of 4 other No-Icebreakers decks that I've published out of Criminal. This is not a "Tier 1 Tournament deck", but it is a "Tier 1 Jank deck" in my book.