4th place Portland Regionals — Red, Like An Iceberg

benticurus 1676

@ossa, a player greater than I, bestowed this deck upon me, and it took me to 4th/35 at the Portland Regional.


This is a fundamentals Jinteki Glacier deck with the machinery to let you outplay the runner. It has the perfect mix of ICE in order to be taxing for Faust as well as for pay-to-break Ice-breakers. Ichi 1.0 is one of the MVPs with Marcus Batty; moreover, Ichi 1.0 is taxing for Faust and falls outside of D4vi1d range.

A well timed Komainu can win you games, and Enigma on RnD incentivizes deep-dig Medium runs to be done only last click if the runner is on Faust. Finally, the trick that wins games: Lotus Field on HQ while playing against Anarchs.

I found that having more Global Foods than TFPs allows the Corp more attempts to actually Score their 5/3 Agendas: TFP is only really useful as long as you are not attempting to score it; hence, in a game won by scoring out, you want more agendas that are less impactful if stollen when you loose a psi-game in your scoring server.

Also... Eli 1.0 and NAPD Contract 4 life.

2 Interns hit a sweet spot in many games: not only is Interns great for regenerating Caprice, Marcus, or Agendas; but it also helps with resurrecting your ICE against ICE-destruction Whizzard and Noise.

Subliminal Messaging complements Pālanā beautifully, offering an additional drip of without helping the runner draw more cards, such as Agroplex would do; hence, unsleeve that Agroplex and switch it for Subliminal.

15 May 2016 moistloaf

elegant and effective, great work