Robot Olympics - 5/1 GNK

CodeMarvelous 19736

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So this is the most recent iteration of my Temples NEH deck.

Cut hostiles for biotic to give me a better out against Whizzard as well as a way to leverage my absurd amounts of money into victory without san san.

Added in one sensie for the dig but kept DBS because I need filtering and must trash assets.

Added Sweeps week to help me recover from siphon.

I hold fast that team sponsorship is the best NEH card ever printed.

all hail Robonia! a country I didn't make up

16 May 2016 Benjen

I really like your ICE suite. Screw you D4v1D!!!!

17 May 2016 Hazzwald

Why the 2nd breaking news over 15 minutes? For the occasional resource snipe? Is sweeps week better than diversified portfolio? I think I'd prefer a 2/2 split. I also have my extra influence in cerebral static rather than biotic labor. How often do you feel like the one of biotic wins you the game? Have you tried little engine over assassin?

17 May 2016 Prestige

Shaper is back in a big way as of late, I feel like Shipment from SanSan is a must right now.

I also find Team Sponsorship to be a win-more card, so it's hard for me to justify the influence over the second Biotic Labor. Doesn't Diversified Portfolio kinda feel win-more as well?

I go back and forth with Turtlebacks being a good card in NEH, but in the current meta (24/7 Whizz) Hedge Fund and Sweeps Week feel like better choices.