metalblackbird 49

It's a variation on bluecoats, in red, exchanging the Elis for Upayogas and adding other taxing Jinteki ICE. The plan remains the same - tax on centrals and score out with Ash and Caprice. Grind your opponent down with all the psi games (you really have to enjoy psi games) and you can force errors, and remember the power of using Nisei Division's ability to give you credits - Rezzing Marcus Batty and bidding zero can give you the credit you needed to rez the next piece of Psi ICE etc etc etc, totally messing up the maths.

There are a couple of odd choices here:

2 Mother Goddess because you really want one as soon as possible to give the Upayogas a hard ETR when needed.

Predictive Algorithm Is just a personal choice and it can help with Psi games if you know that the runner knows that they need to keep at least two credits by the end of the run

Unorthodox Predictions and "Clones are not People" are both about the IAA play in the absence of Global Food Initiative and is again a personal choice because runners expect GFI and using different strategies puts them off their psi-game.

This is a fun deck to play, and there are a lot of deckslots you can play about with according to your taste - I'm know there are more efficient ICE than Chumyou could put in but I'm a sucker for the look on my opponent's face whenever I rez it!

17 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

I feel like Inazuma doesn't have enough good targets here. When you hit with that, you want the next ICE to hurt. I suppose if you're getting Fausted to death you could maybe stick Swordsman's sub, but Marcus Batty is much better at that. Even a single Komainu would be good.

17 May 2016 metalblackbird

@GrantZilla1979It's mainly there as a tax, increasing the tax on the Upayogas. You don't expect it to actually do anything in and of itself, but a str 5 code gate is just a schlep to get through. If they break it they still have to break the Upayoga subs, if they don't then you get to keep playing psi games and draining credits. I've never seen Inazuma as a way of actually making a sub stick as it is too conditional to set up the trap, it just makes annoying Ice slightly more annoying.

17 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

if you inazuma into an ETR, you're essentially presenting a codegate gearcheck to the runner. They need the breaker for the bako behind it, and then they need the code gate breaker causing the etr to fire. Its not bad gearcheck until the ice is destroyed. Which is why lotus is a great card for behind it, since only spooned can kill it.

17 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

It's not bad, really, and good value for the rez cost. I've just usually gotten more mileage of out Inazuma into a prickly bioroid.

HOWEVER - when Chetana hits, that'll be a piece this deck is missing for sure. Inazuma-Upayoga with a rezzed Chetana sounds like it feeds your jank here. But as you said in the OP, you gotta really like psi games.

18 May 2016 ANRguybrush

Nisei Division has the same problem as making news: If they just break the ICE, you'll never play a psi game. Voter intimidation will be helpful I think.

I recommend playing 3xBatty and two cobras or something. Trashing their rig with batty is a really strong play currently.

18 May 2016 metalblackbird

@mcpbayou have to remember with Nisei that you aren't relying on psi games to make you money, instead you are mitigating the credit drain and messing with the runner's maths. If they are paying to break Inazuma and Upayogas then I'm already happy, as each is a 4 credit tax on Gordian Blade for a rez cost of 3.

Cobra is a great card, but it won't tax and if you are planning on rig destruction you need more than just that as you'll at best land it once per game. Batty is backup credit drain before they hit Caprice or Ash here, rather than a reliable silver bullet.

18 May 2016 metalblackbird

@GrantZilla1979 I don't think I've ever been able to make Inazuma stick on something prickly - by the time its set up I've found no runner is facechecking in a position where they can't break it!

I can't decide whether to go all in on Chetana or keep it as a one-of. I might drop the clairvoyant monitors and the chum for two Chetana's and another Snowflake.

19 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

Recommend IT Department / Corp Troubleshooter to land Inazuma nastiness. It's better to pull it into HB than it is pull those pieces to it.