Top decker 3000 - ANRPC NACH 1st place

TugtetguT 1604

My Whizzard build for the Nordic ANRPC finals. Performed really well on the day, went 5-0 - courtesy of a lot of top-decking!

It's standard Whizz with -1x CC, to make room for 2x E-strike and 1xFilm Critic. I like to run 3x Faust, but in hindsight a Corroder instead of the third copy might have been a better call - there was a lot of D4v1d taxing. But that is also why I chose to stay on 2x knifed. 46 cards I know....

All of my games were streamed and can be found along with the top 4 cut elimination here:

A last note thank you to everyone involved in the tournament it was a blast to participate in and was so well-organized!

18 May 2016 lunchmoney


18 May 2016 TugtetguT

Sniping agendas off the top of RnD and pulling just the right cards off the top of your deck :)

19 May 2016 evilgaz

Did you play against any IG? How did that match up go for you? (Obviously you won, but I mean did it feel favoured for one side of the other?

Congratulations on the win, even if your other deck was salt-encrusted IG... ;)

19 May 2016 TugtetguT

Thanks! :) No I was the only one who brought IG on the day, but I did a bit of play testing with @Desputias and it felt slightly whizzard favored. Though that was before I added the 3rd cerebral in IG.