Jank Tournament Winner - Cameras in the Voulevants

Fridan 187

This deck carried me to victory in a recent local jank tournament. It's very silly.

For those unfamiliar with the format, at the end of the swiss rounds each player votes for the jankiest/their favourite deck they played against. Each vote is then equivalent to a win, which means there are equal points available for normal wins and jank votes. We also opted to assign IDs to our players and I got Leela.

This deck has a whole lot of dream scenarios and sometimes they actually work. The Replicator/Bazaar combo is the core here, letting you install all copies of a piece of hardware from your deck for one click. Spy Camera is the best example, but any zero cost hardware is nice.

You'll want to get the Q-Chips down first, then an Overmind with 6 counters, then Endless Hunger and at some point an E3. With the rig set up the decks is actually pretty capable of keeping good pressure on R&D, HQ and remotes as long as you keep your runs few and high impact.

This deck is a lot of fun to play, makes a surprising amount of credits and can snatch wins out of nowhere. It probably struggles against 'real' decks though.

18 May 2016 Cliquil

Thrilled to hear that Jank tournaments happen in places other than the only place I know of (Reading, UK). Congratulations on the win and very much enjoy the look of this deck.

18 May 2016 Fridan

Thanks! It was reading about Reading's tournaments that made me want to run it, and I hope it's going to become a semi-regular thing in the Norwich meta. It was definitely one of our more popular tournaments and a lot of fun was had.

18 May 2016 timurleng

I remember playing against you on jnet a little while ago. Glad this worked out!

19 May 2016 say200426

This seems too poor to play Overmind

19 May 2016 Fridan

@timurleng Thanks! Those practise games helped a bunch.

@say200426 It's not quite as poor as it looks, since you can consistently use Oracle May most turns. An early Tech Writer makes all the difference and can easily makes over 15 creds. The best thing was having all 3 Writers out (not too hard given how quickly the deck thins out) and Levying back in the Spy Cameras and other trashed hardware.

Also, Overmind is only there for Ice without ETR subs. Luckily I didn't have to lean on it too much. I didn't get paired against the all tracer making news deck or the 3 Swordsman deck which probably helped my results!

20 May 2016 ABushelOfGoats

Flavor wise it's really humorous to think of Leela hitting up the bazaar for the cheapest hardware she can find in order to feed her sentient, uncontrollable, breaker. I really like this idea. Props.

20 May 2016 Fridan

Glad you like it! Personally I like the flavour behind the Andromeda version: Possesed Ristie.

20 May 2016 ANtheguy.brush..

Just noticed that Dorm computer would work nicely with Maya.

20 May 2016 w____F

Great deck! I have used Cortez Chip for the first time! After 2-0 test, I'm trying -1 "Freedom Through Equality", +1 Employee Strike, -1 HQ Interface, -1 May, +1 Rex H2, +1 Mongoose.