Please Go Breaking My Ice, You Couldn't If You Tried- AZ Sto

VixinXiviir 128

A deck that scares the runner into not wanting to run your centrals (something they have to do) this RP deck piloted me to two consecutive tournament wins. You can find a link to my Runner deck here:

The purpose of this deck is like any self respecting RP deck is- score out behind a Caprice'd (and sometimes Batty'd) server while making centrals hell for the runner to get through. Let's go through the deck:


Nothing new here. Move along.


Jacksons for obvious reasons. Museum is an excellent include to recur all that operation economy you have, and to get back any Marcus Battys, Crisium, Sundew, and other Museums the runner has gotten rid of. The rest of the assets are standard Jinteki fare.


Also pretty much standard. Marcus Batty, however, is generally not going to get stuck into a remote with ETR ice- he's actually better off in a Komainu central. With Faust running all over the place, and normal sentry breakers few and far between, a Batty Psi game after the runner loses all his cards to Komainu is absolutely lethal. I've won a ton of games with the combo.


Heritage Committee is a great include for this kind of deck, doctoring draws and Runner accesses. Best part? You can recur it with Museum, and Whizzard can't trash it. Cerebral Static is there to combat Whizzard, Noise, and Employee Strike. Use it liberally- you can always get it back with Museum. And remember, always use your operation economy, kids.


Eli is standard, because he's just a great cheap ETR ice that taxes four cards from the runner. In the days of Fausts, ETR ice generally don't keep the runner out, but this one does because of how taxing it is and because of Marcus Batty.

Code Gates:

Lotus Field is another solid ETR ice that is less taxing, but absolutely cannot get Parasited. I stick these in front of Museum, Sundew, scoring remotes, and sometimes centrals (if big dig Medium runs are imminent).

Viper is a solid, cheap taxing piece of ice that will either take four cards, six credits (or four, depending on base link), a click and 3/2 credits, or a click and an ended run. So many options, nearly all good for the Corp. Excellent include.

Crick is the best. Yeah, it gets a boost on archives, but a lot of the time I stick it on other centrals because a lot of runners just can't bring themselves to trash two cards just to stop me from getting something back from Archives, especially if they might be about to hit a Snare. Definitely 3 of those in here.

Enigma is standard, cheap, and doesn't allow the same "pay money, get through" loophole that Viper does. I'm happy with one in the deck.


Komainu is the bomb diggity. This thing + Swordsman creates an impenetrable server when the Runner is relying on Faust. This plus Marcus Batty is an instagib if the Runner is relying on Faust. With the prevalence of Faust, this thing is amazing.

Ichi 1.0 is alright, but most of the time I want it for the click and credit taxation rather than the trashed programs. With the prevalence of a Clone Chip or two, Retrieval Run, and Levy, I want something that taxes clicks and nothing more. Been thinking about Hourglass in this slot, both for the solid click taxation, and the Code Gate type. Mimic is around, but other Code Gate breakers are not.

Tsurugi is nice as a one of for the taxation, and the option of letting me deal net damage. No on has faceplanted one yet, but it taxes four cards or four credits on a regular basis. It's too expensive to rez to have more copies in the deck, though.

AZ Store Champ #2 Games:

1st Round: Dumblefork - Win

The game was pretty even most of the time- I'd slam down a Museum or a Sundew, he'd Wyldcakes and get in with Faust. Once I got smart, threw down a Snare in the former Museum server and baited a last click run on it, I sniped his Levy and last SOT with the damage, then trashed his Cakes to put him at 3 clicks for the rest of the short game. Just scored agenda after agenda in Carprice/Batty/Eli server. Easy peasy.

2nd Round - Wyld Val - Win

This one is one of the few games where I Marcus Batty/Komainu killed someone. It was the third turn. He ran R&D with only a Faust on the board, I rezzed Komainu, he got sad, I rezzed Marcus, he got sadder, I killed him. Was a bit underwhelming.

3rd Round - Dumblefork - Loss

The only one I lost that game because I didn't get my Econ. Put up a good fight with keeping a Sundew safe for a fair amount of turns, but the lack of Hedge Funds and Celebrity Gifts kept me from being able to do much.

19 May 2016 Yhtill

Very interessting aproach! I've been struggeling myself with trying to build a "modern RP" deck, but with little success - mostly because I tried to stuff to many different thinks into it. This looks very focussed; I think I may give it a try.

19 May 2016 VixinXiviir

Thanks! I guess I built this around a single thought: "Ice doesn't keep runners out." Faust is just soooo big right now that Ice doesn't keep people out- that's what Caprice and Batty are for. A couple people have tried this, but I tried to get it completely. A third Komainu, two Swordsman, and as many cheap, taxing Ice that I could find.

20 May 2016 steve_rhino

Really similar list to what I've been running and I absolutely love it. I have Bio-ethics in mine because I'm an awful person. Granted, it's not as evil in this as it is in IG. I also use Mumba Temples as a good way to help get money when going horizontal is necessary.

20 May 2016 Axlotl

I notice you're playing 6 HB cards. Consider Jeeves at all? I don't play much RP myself, but I've been tinkering with a Jeeves RP list. Makes scoring easier and theopponet being unable to distinguish between Nisei mk 2, upgrades, and JHow is huge.

20 May 2016 VixinXiviir

@Axlotl It's funny, I was actually going to comment today about how I'm trying Jeeves in the Heritage Committee slot. You're right- he adds a bit more confusion to the Runner, and the fact that I can never-advance a Nisei is awesome.