Scavenge Whizzard

Fictional 1522

19 May 2016 ericbtool

thanks for putting it up. Just some thoughts/questions since you've got the experience

So of the relevant ICE I was listing Sentry has 7 entries to the others 4. So I think the knifed and the spooned should be changed to forked.

You only have 8 optimal Career Fair targets so you could free that up if you wanted. For one Influence I think Femme (scavenged off of a David so you get it at a 6 cred value) or Utopia. Another option is to trade in 2 CF's for a lucky find to give you the 6 cred value with an additional card. Both LF and CF will launch your deck at the beginning of a game so Its a safe trade. Yes the LF is slower but if you traded speed for speed (say your new card is another Faust (i.e. redundancy)) it probably works.

a 3rd Faust would be nice to get in.

19 May 2016 Fictional

@ericbtool Cutlery: Does your list of relevant ice take into account the amount of ice played in decks or is it a list of the different ice. Most decks will have a fair spread of each type. Knifed is required I think at the very least.

Career Fair Inf: Femme is a good option. Utopia is useless since you will be pounding hq with imp. To save deckslots you could bring in LF but then your trading the economy consistency for Faust consistency. I think the economy in the deck is more important than Faust, but that's my style of play. Another option is trading 3 CF for 3 dirty laundry giving you 3 inf for clonechip taking out deja.

3rd Faust: I would remove a datasucker or the deja vu to fit in the third Faust if you feel it's needed.

19 May 2016 ericbtool

A combination of whats expected and what's common from a bunch of tourney decks on this site

the spooned is a tougher drop because of archangel and booth. I think turing is irrelevant with all the david recursion. Assassin and ichi 1 are just everywhere though. Assassin especially is in so many decks

Knifed is good for Eli and wraparound. I just feel that because ichi and assasin show up in a wider variety of decks than Eli that having more forks, and dedicating parasite to eli might work a bit better

19 May 2016 Fictional

@ericbtool I spent some time thinking about relevant matchups and their ice sweet. I think all the cutlery are necessary. The original dumble wants 2 of each. We are already making concessions just to have imp.

But assassin is the one ice that demolishes this setup which has been said by bigboy before.

19 May 2016 ericbtool

i'll have to take your word on it. Was just wondering what your opinion was on those thoughts

19 May 2016 Fictional

@ericbtool 1 knifed 1 spooned 2 forked may be the best set up for this deck.

20 May 2016 ericbtool

agonizing over the levy and its requirement

20 May 2016 Fictional

@ericbtool You only need it if you think you will see a lot of HB, Blue Sun, PE and IG. You probably won't need it in any other matchups. And you won't always need it in these matchups either. I think it's fair to try without it. It just can be a little riskier.

You won't need it against my HB because I go faster than foodcoats. Foodcoats is the one you will probably need it against. And you probably won't see too much Blue Sun or PE.