My Big Fat Clone Wedding

Zakalwe 473

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr. Ken Tenma and Miss May the Mystic.

The Ceremony will be held in plain sight during a Fisk Investment Seminar and the reception to follow will be an Exclusive Party.

The dress code will be fancy, so you'll want to throw out that dirty laundry and siphon your account to order something special to wear to the party! Remember chokers and peacock feathers are very much in fashion right now!

Upon attendance, guests will be served strongly alcoholic beverages and invited to run amok on the dance floor, showing their fancy legwork. It will be a sure gamble that there will be something to catch your eye at the buffet table as well.

Oracle May predicts that some employees are tired of the same old thing and will hold spontaneous strikes just so they can have the day off to get inside the party. Oracle May also predicts a 94% chance of raining bullets at the reception. Don't worry, you've had worse.