Jeeves and Janus Bootcamp Glacier

Space Cowboy 136

I played against someone using something like this deck on Jnet and got destroyed by it. I loved it so much that I attempted to create my own version. It has been fun doing the normal Blue Sun shenanigans (OAI + big ice), works very well against Val (Liz Mills and EBCs), makes the runner change their run plans with Janus and broken brainchips, always threatens scortch even though its vegan, and is almost always rich. That being said, since the runner only needs three big agendas to win (or two with that new current), I feel it isn't as strong as it should be. What are your thoughts on this build? Maybe an Encryption Protocol or Team Sponsorship instead of the Defective Brainchips?

23 May 2016 mrgoldendeal

I feel like Enhanced Login Protocol would be a better fit than either Encryption Protocol or Defective Brainchips - gives them less clicks to spend if they want to break a Janus (without a Batty I find it hard to actually make subroutines like Janus' hard to actually land).

I'd probably swap the 2x Brainchips for an ELP in terms of influence, lose the Clone Suffrage movement (too easy to trash ) and then swap some ice for some cheap HB ice like Viper, Markus, or Rototurret to get the alliance requirement back for Jeeves.