Inferno's Best Kept Secret - (5th/6th @ LA Regionals)

omnijeff 515

So I took Fiery Inferno and merged it with Salem's Best Kept Secret, played one game with it, then finished 2nd in Swiss (3-1, 1 ID) and 5th/6th in the cut (1-0) during the LA Regional.

I'm not convinced that this deck is better than either of the two base decks on their own or made with a different merging algorithm.

23 May 2016 shanodin

How did News Team work out for you? There's way too much Artist Colony around here to run it, it just becomes a liability.

Were you ever rich enough to pull off the Midseason Replacements?

23 May 2016 omnijeff

I never saw an Artist Colony or similar in play, though I personally expect that to change in the coming weeks as people realize where the pendulum is.

I think two of my games had successful Midseason Replacements plays, and them accessing a midseasons always made them start crediting up, leading to less pressure for a 24/7 News Cycle kill.

23 May 2016 Ilza

News Team does work in the Whizzard match-up.

23 May 2016 Ajar

I brewed a list very close to this for the FFG regional using the same method. From your list, I have -1 Closed Accounts, -1 Pop-Up Window, -2 Snare!, -1 News Team; +2 SanSan City Grid, +2 Psychic Field, +1 Sensie Actors' Union.

The deck was excellent for me both in testing and at the tournament -- I even killed the eventual winner through a Plascrete with Traffic / Scorch / Scorch. Sadly, Whizzard let me down multiple times on the day, and I finished 12th.