The Dragonfly

Cluster Fox 516

Nothing new, nothing revolutionary, nothing mindblowing.
I've been playing Netrunner for about five months now and loving it. I've never posted a deck before, so I figured I'd start with my main runner deck as it's been giving me the most success. If you're a seasoned A:NR player, you will find nothing new here (it's basically Dumblefork with a twist). If you're new to the game or archtype, read on for a brief explanation of how the deck works and why Quetzal: Free Spirit may be the identity for you.

First priority is getting your Wyldside & Adjusted Chronotype combo up for consistent card draw, to feed Faust and build board state.

Second priority is getting Faust and e3 Feedback Implants up, this allows you to choose between breaking with cards or credits and allows you to break anything except Swordsman and Turing.

Mimic breaks Swordsman and helps with things like Architect. Turing is definitely a problem and this deck has limited answers to it: breaking it with Parasite and Datasucker tokens or bypassing it with Run Amok.

Run Amok is basically your anarch version of Inside Job. Run with it and if they rez their ice (which they never do) they have to trash it.

This deck runs fast and it runs light on money. General strategy is to install your Mediums and Datasuckers and hammer R&D with digs. Pop the one-of Legwork for a surprise HQ sweep, there's a second Same Old Thing if you want to do it again.

Why Quetzal: Free Spirit? To be honest, it's sort of a meta call. It renders things like Wraparound, Resistor, Ice Wall and Wall of Static useless unless you stack them, it allows you to break things like an Eli 1.0 for 1 or a Spiderwebs for 2 once you have e3 Feedback Implants up. I guess more than anything it's refreshing to play something different yet efficient in a world full of Whizzards and Hayleys.

23 May 2016 PureFlight

I've been playing a similar list to moderate success. I really enjoy the flexible pool or resources. With e3 + Faust, you can choose to break subs with cards and/or s, so you can go with whatever is in surplus. Plus it really takes the teeth off of things like Archer (3 cards + 3) and Komainu (1 card + s)

I like playing Quetz for the same reason - she's pretty solid and not Whizzard. I love smashing through Eli and Curtain Wall once e3 is out.

Your main defense against NEH is Turntable, ya?

23 May 2016 Cluster Fox

@PureFlightI'd say my main offence against NEH is Turntable ;)
It's a fantastic console for denying plays with AstroScript Pilot Program or Nisei MK II. Other than that I tried running Showing Off for a while as anti-Daily Business Show tech but it didn't really pay off.

It's a shame I have to include a Plascrete Carapace in this deck but in my meta people have suddenly remembered that Weyland can find out where you live and blow up your house. I'd love to cut it for something like Hunting Grounds or Film Critic.

Another amazing card in this deck is Street Magic. It makes facechecking a lot safer and in certain situations can help you out a ton. (Imagine a bare Little Engine; just keep running it and laugh all the way to the bank.) Oddly, on Jinteki the 'Magic tends to get better results but in face-to-face situations then Run Amok nets me more wins. I can't explain it.

23 May 2016 ryanbantwins

It's funny to see how certain cards went from unnecessary to highest priority in this deck :p

Oh, and you're welcom for keeping you honest, but don't forget every hardware can be overloaded. So don't try to battle our consortium, we only want your life.

23 May 2016 Cluster Fox

Thank you for illustrating my point, @ryanbantwins :P