Feywild (6-0 at Melbourne Regionals 2016)

hieronymus_mosh 122

I took Hayley to Melbourne Regionals last weekend and went undefeated with her. Unfortunately I am a huge idiot and took NEXT Design as my corp. (I thought it would have a good Whizzard matchup. It did! I beat both Whizzards I played... and lost to everything else.)

Hayley single-handedly dragged me into the top six.

My wins on the day were against NEXT, Core Set Weyland, 2xNEH and 2xCI.

Sacrificial Construct was absolutely brutal against both NEH and CI. I think double Paricia is correct as long as Gagarin and IG are in the meta (although I didn't face either on the day).

Thanks to @x3r0h0ur for posting the pre-Pitchfork build that used Faerie, Clot and Sac Con.

23 May 2016 Sanjay

I love this list.

I've had an abiding interest in Sac Con + Faerie. Makes me really happy to see it do well.

Kudos to @x3r0h0ur and kudos to you!

23 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

Cool to see people still playing with the archetype. I love the faeries and still go back to some builds, like this, with it. It is so fun and so powerful when you're on haymaker runs.

26 May 2016 JohnnyMilton

I was almost constantly freaked out by how much income you had - which made Jack Weyland a sad panda. You play this well. Congrats!