McCaffrey's Bazzaar 1.0

Vonderbread 2

First deck I've published. Finally put something together from scratch that performed exactly how I hoped it would. Only thing to beat it so far has been fast advance so I swapped out a wasteland for clot to help with that. The main goal here was to see how well the basic breakers could work if backed by a lot of econ. The money engine obviously works best when tech writer, replicator and bazzar is out, but any of the trash economy will start generating quickly. Once you have all the spy cameras out and some tech traders and or wastelands you can start peeking at R&D and making 3-5 credits on corps turn then 3-5 on runners turn from pawnshop and anything else you want to trash for burst econ. In pinch you can trash a number of things just to get the credits. Sac Con to stop a trash and get credits from using sac con then trash the thing you wanted to trash anyways to get the credits there. Or keep Sac Con around to save clot. Between the trashing and the tech writers filling up the amount of money this thing can churn out per turn is crazy. I'm not thrilled about having to slot-the-clot because I really would like to keep the 3rd wasteland so if anyone has any suggestions I for dealing with FA I'm all ears. Maybe swap in 3 RDI's instead for that?

23 May 2016 internet_potato

Nice, I've been doing something similar out of Geist.

I guess my question is, with 3 tech traders + Wasteland, how much work is aesop's doing for you? e.g. what are you selling to aesop's that's not better off trashed with its card ability?

I would recommend against RDI: they're expensive and you should have plenty of R&D pressure with the spy cameras already. If anything, I'd try to find room for a Legwork or some other HQ multi-access (maybe The Turning Wheel?).

If Levy AR Lab Access is important to your deck (I find it to be critical to re-set econ after getting TT and TW out), then you might want to get a Same Old Thing in there to insure against having it knocked out due to damage.

23 May 2016 Vonderbread

Basically Aesop's lets me trash untrashable things for 3-5 and increases the odds of me drawing into my money engine and having it be useful early. Plus with Kate and Replicator+Bazaar it allows me to dump out stuff as Aesops fodder like the other replicators memchips or anything else if I need the boost. I agree about the RDI's I feel spy camera gives me the pressure I need already for that. I like the idea of Turning wheel though. Still slotting it in doesn't work for me if I want to keep wasteland. I don't really need the 3rd wasteland, but 3x of increases my draw for it. But on the same note Spy cameras look at top six works great for getting these out in what is usually an already thinned out deck. And the bookmarks are what I use to preserve the levy. Sometimes I actually hang on to a spy camera on the bookmark as well so that I can dump them back out quickly after I levy them all back into my stack.