Party at Sunny's Place

indeflab4 162

Working concept for my interpretation of the Sunny connections deck. Influence that normally goes to The Source, Fall Guy & Film Critic are instead Council, Patron and Political Operative. Though it won't stop Biotic Labor, the hope is to use Councilman to shut down fast advance.

Faust + Security Nexus is the early game remote buster; from there, you slowly shift your control across the board to the centrals and get the GS breakers you need online. HQ Interface makes for value HQ runs when Global Security Clearance doesn't reveal an agenda. If you've cleaned out HQ, money up and get ready for the next R&D run.

Any feedback that can be given is appreciated!

26 May 2016 Sanjay

I would consider cutting one Patron and including a Hostage instead. You have a lot of great things to find with Hostage. It would save influence, plus I think the second Patron tends not to be quite as important as the first. Hostage seems really powerful with this many connections, and if you could shave another influence, you could even include a second.

I would also consider finding room for John Masanori if you can.

Deck looks cool and fun.

26 May 2016 indeflab4

@Sanjay That's not a bad idea. The Political Operative is more or less for the Caprice matchup, so cutting a Patron & Pol Op for 2 Hostage is a neat idea. I'll definitely have to play around with that.

John Masanori would probably replace the Earthrise Hotel, if I had to pick. Earthrise + Patron tends to draw too many cards for turns you don't run using Faust, so keeping a draw card while also adding in more connections would be better overall for the deck.

Thanks again for the feedback!

28 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

You could use that one influence you save on Film Critic so you don't bust up that New Angeles City Hall. :)