The Villain, aka Alliance Hell (Feat. Consulting Visit)

pang4 831


I take no reponsibility for bodily harm sustained as a result of playing this deck.

The wheel keeps turning, and we get even less variance in our Netrunner decks. Now featuring Consulting Visit. You only need one, since you run Mumbad City Hall, and then you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Need cash? Play Diversified Portfolio.

Need a trashed card? Interns (which also pretty much makes the Museum lock unbreakable).

Need to get rid of a Film Critic? Snatch and Grab.

Need to get rid of a Currrent or a pesky Runner ability? Cerebral Static.

Your deck is in your hands, and you can play whatever tech cards you please. Your core gameplan is still as obnoxious as ever, and now, you can punish the runners even better. Mumbad City Hall is a stupid, stupid card, and we maximize its power here.

You will be hated. You will get salt. You will win. Cackle madly behind your wall of assets. Embrace the evil. Join the dark side. Become the villain.

27 May 2016 Saan

Yeah, swapping the Lotus Field for Consulting is probably a decent change, but Snare! is still a really good card I find, and I'm not sure it's worth the swap out. I'd just leave Interns in the dump and keep the Snare!. I think 2 Fetal is fine over the Chronos Project to include Snatch and Grab, though. Against most runners that matter (Whizzard) you're going to have an awful time getting the Chronos to stick anyhow, and Film Critic can really, really hurt. Seems like a couple solid card swaps.