The Six Agenda Shuffle

omnijeff 528

Tired of SEA-Scorched being your only out? Why not try Sea Exchange for a 5 point swing?

Fast Track for your Hostile Takeover, pray they can't find it in your hand, then score it out. Then, start slow rolling a Government Takeover and either score it out (thus winning) or let them take it, then either Sea-Exchange or Punitive Counterstrike for it to win.

Are they not running? Put out the Commercial Bankers Group, they'll hate letting you keep it out.

Wondering why this is in Argus? Its so they really hate the idea of actually stealing these agendas.

Dogged by film critics 'reviewing' your agendas? Use your Snatch and Grab to get rid of them.

Annoyed that they took all the meat damage to their hand to preserve their plascrete? Neural EMP will learn them.

Like these ideas but can't find them in your deck? Most of them are just 2-card combos, so just search for the missing part with Consulting Visit.

27 May 2016 Cluster Fox

This is evil. Abusively evil.

27 May 2016 pang4

Love the concept. Finally we can get a Government Takeover into our score area!

27 May 2016 Lindbjerg

Nice idea.. Public Support might be a good addition.

27 May 2016 pang4

@Lindbjerg:That's an awesome idea. What to cut? The Changeling, or one of the Cobras?

27 May 2016 Lindbjerg

@pang4I would probably choose to cut one or two of the Commercial Bankers Group. The cards purpose is to make the runner run, which I'm guessing Public Support would accomplish aswell if you just play it naked. Not sure though, haven't played the deck yet, but it seems light enough on ice as is, so I would be careful trimming those.

27 May 2016 pang4

Good thinking, but I fear you might not have enough cash to SEA Source then. Runners are so damn rich these days. Maybe replace two with Support, and then run a one-of Melange Mining Corp.?

27 May 2016 Stealthy

This is genius. I've been playing this for 5 or 6 games on jinteki and only lost once (an aggressive Leela that kept account siphoning me and nabbed 2 vanity projects in one turn)

28 May 2016 nutritionalzero

Creative and very modern.

29 May 2016 spore

This is really silly :) Had mixed results but all were fun. Won second round after scoring Hostile Takeover and see a Vanity Project stolen, while having a Punitive Counterstrike and Consulting Visit on hand. This happened a few times.

1 Jun 2016 sepruda

Can't you Mumbad City Hall Consulting Visit, being an alliance card?

1 Jun 2016 omnijeff

Yeah, that's certainly a combo if you want to do it. I'd thought of adding some MCH's to this deck but I didn't have time to figure out what to cut for it so it never got added. It's a nice combo to get any operation from R&D in 3 clicks (and 2 if they've let you keep MCH on the table).

4 Jun 2016 pyrocide

To further the Mumbad City Hall idea, since you already have six NBN cards in the deck, perhaps it would be possible to find room for some of Salem's Hospitality? It would certainly help against the anarach I've Had Worse defense, and good against general threats like Account Siphon and the like.

16 Jun 2016 AldricH

I've been trying something similar with better suite the economic advantage you need to win the Hedge Fund and Restructure are not enough.

5 Jul 2016 nismorack

I ran a variation of this deck a local gamestore tournament. Went undefeated all rounds. Flatlining everyone, it's in the inspiration for list. I did make some minor modifications.