Axlotl 2605


City Hall -> Consult -> Cerebral Cast

Grind them down, Scorch to finish.

Consult can also play econ as needed (poorly) or Closed Accounts/Scorch if they float.

I have never actually played this deck, ever.

You could say this is a....



28 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

Love the name

28 May 2016 moistloaf

no mother goddess for etr epayoga?

28 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

Hey you know that if you play 1 more weyland 1 influence card you actually gain 2 influence because you meet consulting visit's influence cost. Executive Boot Camp could act as City Hall #4, or you could even play Ice Wall over Vanilla for the most marginal of ice changes.

29 May 2016 Axlotl

1x Crisum, 3x City Hall, 1x Hive, 1x Scorched = 6.

29 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

Sorry, my mistake.