Ishmael (Halifax Regional Winner)

Snake Eyes 4587

This deck brought me to 5th in Swiss, and was undefeated after the cut.

In its essence, it is a tag-me Anarch deck. Sports Hopper gives it extra flexibility to draw much needed cards in a kill situation, while Plascrete Carapace helps preserve cards, considering that this deck doesn't run Levy AR Lab Access.

This deck is teched against IG, with Archives Interface, Morning Star, and Employee Strike set up to punish anyone who would dare play IG. It is very easy to win the Psi bid on The Future Perfect if your opponent has no credits.

Knight helps make the run work - because this deck goes tag-me, the Wyldside/Pancakes Faust combo was not practical. This deck was designed to counter the decks that were built to counter Dumblefork.

A few neat plays include setting up a Making an Entrance to Inject expensive breakers and make money off of it, then Retrieval Run the breaker in question.