Hayley: Liberator

goodknite 117

Hayley rises Out of the Ashes to be a Liberator! This is a set up deck, you want to get professional contacts going as early as possible drawing up and installing cards to threaten clot as early as possible. Then get your fan sites online for scored agendas. When the corp inevitably scores a point you can pop an allnighter to trigger your Liberation! Forcing the corp to forfeit their points or give you 2 points. All this time you are setting up a DDoS attack with False echo to tear down the walls of unrezzed ice, by triggering 5 or 6 runs from Out of ashes then using your turn to keyhole their R&D down the drain. This is a blast!

3 Jun 2016 cottonbrown

I was just playing this deck with a friend and it's really fun. He did run into a problem where he wasn't able to remove enough ICE by the time he was able to set up to Keyhole against a Stronger Together glacier build. Chameleon would have been his only way in, but 90% of my ICE was 4+ strength.

It got me thinking that maybe Dinosaurus is a better console, since you aren't hurting for the minimal draw that Astrolabe provides during a game, and you may need to get through a big R&D when the time comes.

15 Jul 2016 HoneyBadger

Been messing around with this for a while now. Really like the idea! Used to play a False Echo Val, so this is straight down my alley. I have been trying medium instead of keyhole. The thought behind this was that Oota can't be used for keyholes. So if you are not sitting on notorieties it makes more sense just pounding rnd for 6-7 runs. Thoughts?