Most useless deck ever

r2devo 20

Every card in this deck has been specially selected to not achieve anything, some apparent exceptions exist but I assure you they don't help.

Inspired by run last click, there is nothing that can inspire me to waste a full hour looking for the most useless things I can find like you guys.

1 Jun 2016 Cliquil

Fan Site-Frame Job-Blackmail is a legit combo! :P

Then the Investigative Journalism gives you 2 Bad pub, you can trash all the 2 cost assets all day long.

And then you have Itenerant Protestors which will limit their hand size! So not COMPLETELY useless!

1 Jun 2016 r2devo

Ah, thats true, fan site can be replaced with an exclusive party to fix that.

25 Sep 2016 Dead Drop

haha, so funny