Team Iron Man (Tacoma Regionals, undefeated in swiss)

Lisum 80

A deck featuring Iron Man, Black Widow, and Vision with special guest Bruce Banner.

I took this list to Tacoma regionals but my Whizzard dropped two games and I missed the cut by by a fraction.

Jeeves is super strong In RP, being harder to trash then normal and enabling stuff like never-advancing Nisei MK II or fast track for a 5/3, advance + install, threatening a score next turn. Or being a 5 to trash PAD campaign I guess.

Museum is mainly there to agitate the runner into wasting resources while recurring econ and trashed ice.

Feedback is very much welcome. The deck is mostly still a rough draft, I built it the night before at 2AM on a whim :P. Really need to find room for subliminal messaging.

Favorite play of the tournament: Runner went broke last turn, but probably felt safe because I went to 3 credits with unrezzed ice on remote. Celebrity gift, fast track for Nisei, install in remote. Runner has to spend the whole turn trashing the Jeeves just to delay my score by a turn.

1 Jun 2016 VixinXiviir

Excellent deck. I think, though, that with the inclusion of Jeeves, two more 4/2s instead of Fetal would be good. The ability to have more Jeees fodder is super nice.

3 Jun 2016 jamespare

wish i had done well enough to play you! Loved the deck.

20 Jun 2016 Lanlaorn

If you get one more HB card the Jeeves will cost zero influence instead of 6. Get another Ash for 2 influence to save 4 and spend it on other weaknesses in the deck.

20 Jun 2016 Lanlaorn

Ah nevermind, miscounted!